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"Our 10-week program trains young people to set fitness goals. At the end of the program, they run a 5K! Find out if Go Far! is available in your community."

Go Far! Fort Bend ISD, Texas

"I let my kids pick something new out of a healthy cookbook. When they get to make dinner by themselves- they always want to eat it, even if it is vegetables!"

— Kristin Pensacola, FL

"Develop the taste buds! I always ask questions about what food tastes like. Having kids describe taste and flavor turns eating healthy into a scientific adventure!"

— Michael Austin, TX

"I have started walking four laps 2-3 times a week while my son has baseball practice in the afternoon. "

— Amanda Pensacola, FL

"Add healthy stuff to food your child like-If she loves pizza, try making your own with whole wheat crust, extra tomatoes and reduced fat cheese."

— Gary Sugar Land, TX

"Don’t base praise for your child eating something new on your feelings (You make Mommy so happy!) rather base it the fact that they tried something new (Great job trying the broccoli!)"

— Janie Richmond, TX

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