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"Our 10-week program trains young people to set fitness goals. At the end of the program, they run a 5K! Find out if Go Far! is available in your community."

Go Far! Fort Bend ISD, Texas

"My son and I walk to his school. He picked a few places he'd like to visit. We calculate the distance we walk in a month and hi-lite it on a map. "

— Inken Sugar Land, TX

"Measure a true serving size for snacks (carrots, chips, pretzels) and put into baggies for the week so it's easy to grab and not over-eat. Snack size baggies make it look more full than a sandwich bag."

— Dea Gainesville, FL

"When my kids are busy doing homework, I quietly place some healthy snacks by them. Cut-up fruits and vegetables disappear while they work!"

— Julia Sugar Land, TX

"We love swimming at the neighborhood pool in the summer. We get really hungry after our swim. We have healthy snacks already to eat to take to the pool. Sliced watermelon and pre-washed grapes and strawberries are always our favorite!"

— Michelle Sugar Land , TX

"I am an educator. Before my children can use the playground, they have to run or walk around the play area 3 x's before they can go into the play area. I tell them it's to get their heart working. "

— Debra Pensacola, FL

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