United Healthcare Activate for Kids

School Wellness Initiative

Stephanie Kellam

School Wellness Coordinator

Stephanie Kellam has six years of experience in health and wellness with a focus on research-based interventions and program implementation. Stephanie is a mobile and energetic team player with the necessary skills and knowledge to hold multiple roles and provide the highest quality service.

Currently, Stephanie is a School Wellness Coordinator for UnitedHealthcare’s Activate for Kids program. This philanthropic program is focused on addressing the childhood obesity epidemic through a school-based approach. The program launched nationally in six school districts in August 2011.

As the school wellness coordinator for Fort Bend Independent School District in Sugar Land, Texas, Stephanie facilitates coordination and engagement between key stakeholders. She partners with community organizations to provide schools with available resources and programs.

Stephanie works to provide support for the school nurses and PE teachers through grant writing, campus-based health initiatives, and program implementation. Stephanie also identifies, improves, and implements school district procedures and protocols related to nutrition and fitness assessments as well as weight-related measurements.

Prior to UnitedHealthcare, Stephanie worked as a Project Coordinator for CHILDREN AT RISK, a non-profit research and advocacy organization where she conducted research on current issues related to public education and food insecurity in Texas. She also coordinated policy and advocacy related events to help facilitate community action and engagement.

Prior to CHILDREN AT RISK, Stephanie served as a Program Coordinator for B.O.U.N.C.E., a research-based healthy lifestyles intervention, a role that cemented her passion for childhood obesity prevention. Her role was multi-faceted and included data collection, clinical assessments, recruitment, program implementation, and curriculum development.

Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology degree from Rice University and obtained her Master of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Houston. Her research focused on physical activity and weight loss interventions in overweight, minority youth populations.


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Stephanie Kellam

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