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Susan Kennedy

School Wellness Coordinator

Susan Kennedy has 25 years experience as a pediatric nurse with the last six years as a school nurse.  She has taught classes on nutrition and wellness to elementary students, parents and in the community.  She is innovative, energetic and is able to function in multiple roles providing high quality service to a diverse population.

Prior to assuming the School Wellness Coordinator position with United Health Group she was a school nurse for the Escambia County Health Department. As a school nurse she collaborated with various community partners, and was instrumental in starting a pilot school garden program in a Title 1 School. This school now supports 23 raised-bed fruit and vegetable gardens. In working with the school gardens, she was able to incorporate evidence based curriculum from the USDA, Florida Extension Service and the Florida Department of Education relating to nutrition into the classroom. It was during this year that the school received the Bronze level of Achievement from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Wellness School of the Year.  Escambia County Schools now have 23 schools with gardens as a result of the pilot garden program.

As a school nurse she gathered and evaluated BMI data and counseled students and parents on diet and exercise. She currently is the Health and Safety Board Chair for Escambia County Commission PTA and has organized several Community Health Fairs in conjunction with 5K runs.

As the School Wellness Coordinator for Escambia County School District in Pensacola Florida, she facilitates coordination and engagement between key stakeholders in the wellness and education of students.  She partners with community organizations to provide schools with available resources and wellness programs.

Susan works to provide support for the school nurses, faculty and administration by providing resources and curriculum, assistance with grant writing, and implementation of wellness activities and programs Susan works with school wellness committees, district dieticians, educators, parents, health professionals and nurses in identifying district procedures and protocols relating to nutrition and physical fitness needing improvement and together work on feasible improvements.

Susan graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Penn State. University.  She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in education.

Susan Kennedy

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